Welcome to the Rip’n Wud Premium Collection – where world-class craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology. Our high-end performance skis with walnut finishes not only offer exceptional performance on the piste, but also unrivalled durability. With a 5-year warranty, you can ski with confidence and style. Discover the ultimate skiing experience with the Ripnwud Premium Collection.


The Rip’n Wud Boralis Collection offers exceptional performance at an affordable price without compromising on quality and durability. Our skis in this collection are made for price-conscious skiers who still value performance and handling. Known for their reliability and manoeuvrability on the piste, the Rip’n Wud Boralis Collection will take you up a notch. Discover your next favourite ski with the Ripnwud Boralis Collection.

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Rip’n Wud Company

Rip’n Wud has been a family business from the French Haute-Savoie since 1997. Our commitment to quality and passion for skiing is reflected in every aspect of our work.

Rip’n Wud History

Rip’n Wud has been producing skis for professionals and beginners since 1997. Decades of optimising our materials and processing methods have resulted in a fully developed range of ski collections for every use, which are not only high-performance but also beautiful.

Rip’n Wud Production

At Rip’n Wud we place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness. Our skis are made exclusively with environmentally friendly materials, including our exclusively developed eco-friendly resin technology, eco-wood surfaces made from walnut and recycled carbon hardbases.

Rip’n Wud Skis

Discover our two collections: The Premium Collection offers high-end performance skis with walnut finishes and a 5-year warranty. The Boralis Collection is designed for price-conscious skiers who don’t want to compromise on performance and durability. Our exceptional handling and extreme durability are well known in the scene and make every skier ski a class above.

Rip’n Wud Service

We offer world class service! As the proud owner of a Rip’n Wud ski, you have access to the Rip’n Wud Club with exclusive offers and events. Even after many years, we can bring your skis back up to date. A Rip’n Wud ski is an investment in the future and respects our limited resources.

Rip’n Wud Basecamp

Visit our Basecamp in Ville la Grand, France, and receive personalised advice on the selection of skis and accessories as well as valuable tips for your hobby. Here your Rip’n Wud skis will be made as good as new by professionals and the latest machines.