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Full 5 year guarantee and a lifetime of experience

Rip’n Wud™ Quality built into every pair of skis, using classic materials with Experience. Rip’n Wud Skis are produced with handmade precision and under the most strict quality control and hand selected Eco materials developed by Rip’n Wud Technology.


Rip’n Wud technicians have more than 30 years of wood core ski building experience. Each pair of skis is a precision “Hand made” product that allows skiers of all levels to ride effortlessly on or off the piste in all terrain and BIG MOUNTAIN riding conditions. Rip’n Wud™ Skis is a ®Registered TRADEMARK.

Quality that makes a difference

Quality from the interior of our skis to the exterior surface. Skis built with white ash wood has been a favorite since the time of the first ski pioneers, because of it’s strength and long lasting durability. All of our wood is hand selected to guarantee the best possible quality for our cores. Rip’n Wud’s wooden cores give a straight clean form and springy rebound action that maintains its form even after the hardest and most demanding ski seasons.

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Back to nature respecting our environment

Rip’n Wud skis are built with 100% Eco grown, White ash, walnut & wild cherry wood from replanted forest. We produce all our ski models with the best Eco raw materials available then put into our production with Rip’n Wud Technology and experience. All of our models are produced by hand with sandwich laminated wood cores in full-length tip to tail, Rip’nWud “LAM Technology”.

Easy handling

All of our wood cores are precision hand shaped, tuned and balanced before entering the final press stage to ensure each of our skis have an equal and balanced flex from tip to tail for easy smooth handling on or off the piste.

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Durability with low maintance

Rip’n Wud has developed a recycled carbon hard base that provides our customers with skis that are extremely resistance to hard impacts found in today’s piste & off piste ski conditions. Most important” Rip’n Wud skis slide extremely fast in all types of snow conditions.

All of our top sheets come in a precision finished look, either in a durable natural treated 100% wooden top sheet, (Walunt or wild cherry) or our own developed scratch resistant Eco Resin structured transparent finish. All of our models are designed with vertical built side walls for impact durability and can resist even the most extreme impacts in today’s freeride conditions. IMPORTANT : All of our models can easily be held in a ski tuning vise.

Eco technology

Non toxic Eco resine exclusive development by Rip’n Wud technology.
Eco grown Walnut & Cherry wood top surface.
Wood top sheet treatment, 100% pure natural Eco linseed oil.
Recycled composite carbon hard base exclusive development by Rip’n Wud.

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Our Objective: Customer Satisfaction!

Rip’n Wud shapes have been adapted to the type of skiing of today while always evolving in design. Our limited quantity in our production is directly bound to Quality. By producing limited series, this will guarantee production quality, customer satisfaction & Brand image. Plain and simple! We build ECO FRIENDLY HANDMADE “WOOD CORE” SKIS that you want to ride, with the look, quality & durability you expect in a ski.

Rip’nWud® Sandwich Structured Construction


  • 100% white Ash wood cores tip to tail
  • All models are finished in natural Walnut wood finish
  • Reinforced vertical sidewalls
  • Rip’n Wud’s woven wood structured binding mount surface
  • Full wrap-around extra wide steel edges
  • Standard Tune @ 0.75° & 89° (Personalized tuning is available)
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Construction Layering

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