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Rip’n Wud Skis Unveils it’s new BOREALIS COLLECTION at SPORT ACHAT HIVER Trade Fair

Renowned independent ski company expands offerings with nine new models in fresh colors.


January 18, 2024

Rip’n Wud Skis, an independent ski company based in Haute Savoie Mont-Blanc, France has announced the upcoming launch of its BOREALIS COLLECTION. Well known and highly regarded for its devotion to quality, durability, and eco-friendly practices, Rip’n Wud Skis has been a prominent name in the skiing market since 1997. The new collection, featuring nine premium models in vibrant colors, will be showcased at the SPORT ACHAT HIVER trade fair from January 29-31 in Grenoble.

Kevan Beane, a former Canadian Olympic winter sports team member and the designer-owner of Rip’n Wud, expressed excitement about the BOREALIS COLLECTION. “We are thrilled to introduce our new line, catering to both beginners and professionals. These skis maintain our signature high handmade quality while offering a fresh and affordable option for skiing enthusiasts,” commented Beane.

Rip’n Wud Skis has earned a reputation for its dedication to quality and passion for high alpine skiing. The company is committed to eco-friendly practices and meticulous research and development in the use of sustainable materials.

Rip’n Wud Skis are renowned for their durability and easy handling. The skis are crafted with precision and strict quality control, utilizing hand-selected Eco materials developed by the company. The entire production process reflects the company’s commitment to using the best environmetally-friendly raw materials available.

The wooden cores of Rip’n Wud skis are made from 100% Eco-grown white ash, walnut, and wild cherry wood sourced from replanted forests. With over 30 years of wood core ski building experience, Rip’n Wud technicians create each pair as a precision “handmade” product, ensuring effortless riding on various terrains and BIG MOUNTAIN conditions.

The existing premium line, consisting of nine models crafted from walnut wood, has garnered appreciation from riders worldwide. The BOREALIS COLLECTION, featuring nine new models in different colors, maintains the high handmade quality of the premium line but is offered at a more accessible price point.

“We take pride in the interior and exterior quality of our skis. The use of white ash wood, known for its strength and durability, ensures that our skis maintain their form even after the most demanding ski seasons,” stated Kevan Beane.

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