The benchmark of high performance

Rip’nWud is and always will be the benchmark of high performance, durable handmade eco wooden skis. Our premium collection was designed with one goal in mind, to give back to nature what nature has so generously given to us, by building skis that give skiers the best sensation and the most long lasting durable skis available on the market today.

Handmade from 5 different types of the highest quality ECO certified wood coming from replanted forest, Our Premium collection is built with100% white ash wood, wild cherry wood, Acacia wood, AFC light wood, and American black walnut wood. Rip’nWud has set a whole new standard in ski building from the beginning… Since 1997

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ripnwud ski all mountain2 e1585475960578
ripnwud ski freeride carve e1585475991303
ripnwud ski backcountry twin e1585475975357
ripnwud ski powder fat2 e1585475936748
ripnwud ski powder big fat e1585475917894
ripnwud ski double rocker2 e1585475948746
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ripnwud handmade ski grand sport

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