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Rip’n Wud · Haute Savoie · Mont Blanc

Rip’n Wud skis is a family owned, independent ski company born in Haute Savoie Mont-Blanc France.  Rip’n Wud skis is dedicated to keep its strong Quality image that has been developed throughout the world of free skiing. Our dedication and passion for skiing in the high alpine, is what motivates us in our designs, eco material research & development. Today, Rip’n Wud skis has reached the forefront of the free skiing market as a durable, easy riding, yet high performance, top quality, eco friendly ski brand.

Rip’n Wud History

Skis designed & built for skiers by skiers. Rip’n Wud is dedicated to focusing on the outer limits of ski shapes, designs, quality and eco material development. Rip’n Wud ski Development began in 1997 under a Ghost brand name designing & testing new shapes in the world’s biggest alpine playground, Chamonix Mont-Blanc-France. Rip’nWud skis has maintained its position outside of the industry brands for more than a decade, due to our high quality, durability, high performance and excellent customer service.
After more than a decade of research, & material development, (R&D), Rip’n Wud skis presents a complete range of high quality handmade skis for adults, juniors & kids that respond to a large skiing public, from recreational skiers, to professionals & BIG Mountain riders.


Test Center & Showroom

Time for you to have the best skiing experience and service ever… Come to our Test Center and reserve a ski demo where Rip’n Wud will provide you with the perfect model and size of skis that corresponds to your physical capacity, level & skiing pleasure. Wether you ride on piste or off piste, from the beginner, to the Pro rider, you will be guided through our collection of handmade skis for the perfect ski demo day ever. Rip’n Wud guaranties you the perfect pair of skis adapted for your absolute pleasure and ability.

Ambassadors & Partners

Rip’n Wud Team

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Owner · Pro Rider

Kevan Beane

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Ambassador · Olympic Worldcup Champion

Alphonse Gomis

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Ambassador · Olympic Worldcup Champion

Heidi Zurbriggen

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