Mounting of Bindings


We can mount your bindings when you buy skis and bindings. Don’t forget to fill in the information requested for your ski boots. Feel free to add any other useful information.


Information to be provided to us:

Make and model of the ski boots you will be using with the bindings

Mondopoint (MP) size of ski boots length in (mm) of the ski boot sole (often engraved on the sole at the heel or the side of the heel)

Your normal UK or European size.

If you buy several skis and bindings, please confirm how we should mount them, (which bindings for which skis) Mounting is free of charge if your purchase is 2 pair or more, skis + bindings.


How do we calculate your binding release value?

Setting the release value of your bindings is a major safety feature.


To get the most out of your bindings in performance and safety,  your bindings must be adjusted by one of our technicians  according to the Afnor FD S 52-748 standard. Below, we provide you with a form to fill in so we can calculate & determine the release value that corresponds to your needs.

    Please fill in this information as accurately as possible to enable our technicians to mount and adjust your bindings precisely and thus greatly reduce the risk of injury:

    You will find this number in (mm) located on the back side heel of your boots. Example (325mm)