Natural Ski Care


Natural Ski Care

1 Oil application cloth *(100% recycled cotton fabric)

1 bottle 100ml Organic Linseed oil

1 Sandpaper 120g

1 RNW Sticker



Hand crafted wooden case with fire branding logo

Our handmade care kit is to keep your Rip’nWud skis looking

Good & Natural all the time.


The Rip’nWud ski care kit includes, 1 double sided pad of sandpaper, (120g) to clean from time to time around the parameter of the natural wooden top surface of your skis.

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Rip’nWud skis goes the full distance with no compromise to protect the nature we ride in.

Our 100% organic linseed oil (100ml) and oil application cloth, *(Made of 100% recycled cotton fabric) is an organic way to feed the natural wooden surface of your skis, leaving the top surface of your skis rich in color and brings your skis back to new after only 1 application.


Ski Care Recommendations

Apply a small amount of our natural linseed oil on the cloth provided, pass the cloth over the wooden top surface of your skis after the first 15 days of riding, then as many times as you like after. Don’t forget to apply oil again at the end of your riding season for storage.


Disclaimer: Rip’n Wud™ Quality built into every pair of skis, using classic materials with Experience. If you have any concerns or questions about any product, do not hesitate to contact us or Find us on Facebook.