Ski Support


Rip’nWud  SKI SUPPORT 2020/21
This unique HANDMADE Rip’nWud SKI SUPPORT is designed to store one pair of your HANDMADE Rip’nWud skis separately and apart, vertically on display in your home or storage place.



The Rip’nWud SKI SUPPORT is 100% stable and easy to use.

The Rip’nWud SKI SUPPORT is composed of a steel base plate 8mm thick

400mm x 400mm with the Rip’nWud logo cut out in the base plate.


The vertical support is a removable Stainless Steel axle, diameter 25mm,

Height 1250mm, including 2 easy hand closing systems top & bottom,

the Rip’nWud Logo has been cut out in stainless steel mounted directly on the vertical

support that completes this exclusive SKI-SUPPORT as a piece of art

for easy storage of any model of our HANDMADE Rip’nWud skis.




Disclaimer: Rip’n Wud™ Quality built into every pair of skis, using classic materials with Experience. If you have any concerns or questions about any product, do not hesitate to contact us or Find us on Facebook.