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Rip’nWud ski school is a ski school & service created by the pro’s of Rip’nWud with more than 20 years of experience.

The Rip’nWud Ski School has been formed from a network of Olympic and International World Cup fully qualified professionals sharing the same passion and Philosophy since the beginning.

Where do we come from

Mountain guides and ski instructors, Rip’nWud was created in Chamonix, year 1997 and set an objective more then 20 years ago to design the first handmade wooden eco skis for our clients with great success and since then never looked back.

When the sport of skiing was beginning to explode in population exploited by the industry by producing plastic skis at the beginning of the 90’s, our adventure began. Rip’nWud was created to take a different path then the industry and share this adventure with our clients.

We set out to propose to the skiing public in Chamonix France to ride and to experience a different sensation and sound on the mountain with eco friendly long lasting handmade wooden skis.

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Rip’nWud Philosophy

A Riders approach like no other, with a Lifetime of experience.

It has been a lifetime passion respecting the nature in which we all ride in while practicing the sport of skiing. Growing up in the mountains with skis in hand, we have always searched ways to have the most reduced impact on the environment that has offered us the way of life that we live today.

Giving back to nature

Don’t take more then you need, give back more than you take.


From the production of our handmade eco ski collection, (Since 1997) to the Rip’nWud teaching methods and riding experience we share with you. Rip’nWud Guarantees you the rider nothing less then excellence in every way.


Come and let’s share our passion together and build together your perfect ski vacation with the professional’s at Rip’nWud.

ripnwud ski school alphonse gomis

Rip’nWud’s ski school director Alphonse GOMIS in his achievements competed in the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympic Games, he was a competitor for 10 years on the World Cup and European Cup circuit and managed the ski school in Méribel as Technical Director.

His expertise as an athlete, ski instructor, sailing instructor and travel agent, will accompany you with a local service on a human scale.


His knowledge of the terrain and the mountain environment will give you access to all areas of the French Alps, Switzerland and Italy and beyond…

Alphonse GOMIS is a skiing Technician, patient and very playful with all audiences, Alphonse offers the Rip’nWud ski school a quality image to all of our team that suits a large riding audience.

ripnwud ski school team kevan beane

Kevan Beane, Founder of The Brand Rip’nWud Skis and President of the Rip’nWud Ski School, has been riding the planet since he was 2 years old. Kevan grew up in a unique high alpine environment with skis in hand, even the first pair of skis at the age of 2 was built in wood by his father that also had a lifetime passion for the nature and the high alpine environment in which they lived in.


From Big Mountain backcountry skiing to a life of competition competing on the Canadian National Ski Team in Worldcup skiing, Kevan has shared his life and passion with others as a qualified top ranking ski instructor and High Alpine Mountain Guide, guiding his clients in some of the most secret spots around the world.


Rip’nWud’s Handmade Skis, Snowboard and back country security equipment packages are available to all of our clients.











Make a film

Rip’nWud will produce a film of your vacation with our professional filmers/riders for you to have the best film possible of your skiing vacation.   ADDITIONAL PRICING


Transportation can be arranged by request to and from your destination airport to your hotel.  Price depends on location. Request price.

Price List 2020 / 2021

2 – 3 days. (TBA)

3 – 4 days. (TBA)

4 – 5 days. (TBA)

5 – 6 days. (TBA)

7 – 10 days  at any destination in the world.  (Price according to request)

Full day, 1-5 Riders 480€
Extra riders up to a maximum of 8 riders per group, 20€ extra/per person.

½ Day 1-4 Riders 350€
Extra riders up to a maximum of 8 riders per group, 20€ extra/per person.

2 hours 1-2 Riders 180€
Rip’nWud ski packages are available upon request Price range (TBA)