Marker Griffon 13 ID


Marker Griffon 13 ID
Model 2020/21
Size : Unique
Men / Women
DIN: 4-13
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The professional freeride binding for lighter riders, extremely versatile thanks to Sole.ID, for skis over 76 mm wide. Compatible with alpine and touring boots.



1016 g (90 mm), 1018 g (100 mm), 1019 g (110 mm), 1022 g (120 mm)


Size BK

90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 132mm


Din/ISO Range

4.0 – 13.0

Recommended skier weight


Height of the binding without skis

18/24 mm

Stop system

Triple Pivot Elite 2

AFD Gliding Plate

Stainless steel, height adjustable

Heel lift

Inter-Pivot 2



Gliding AFD Inter Pivot Heel Triple Pivot Elite Toe Sole.ID Gliding AFD Inter Pivot Heel Triple Pivot Elite Toe Sole ID



The lighter version of the Jester offers the same features to younger, lighter riders and is one of the most versatile freeride bindings on the market; recommended for expert skiers. The SOLE.ID technology allows the binding to be adjusted to accommodate alpine or touring ski boots. In addition, the Griffon 13 ID is equipped with tear-resistant screws and a centralized weight balance: the spring of the front stop in the transverse position and a more compact design result in a particularly short binding, ideal for all kinds of rotations (spin and twist). Recommended for skis wider than 76 mm, available with 90, 110 and 120 mm brake in 2 colour combinations.

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