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Telemarkfriends | Skitest Hintertux | 1.6.2014

FR Backcountry Twin

The FR is a real toy.  A toy that’s fun but also ready for a lot of crazy action.  The ski turns very easily and comfortably, and yet it is stable regardless of the speed.  It almost seems as if it gets more stable the faster one skies.  According to Rip’n Wud manager Kevan Beane, this is related to the wood used for this ski, namely ash wood.

Our conclusion
The Backcountry Twin is the perfect ski for those who want to jump a lot, who like skiing in parks but also want to race down a piste from time to time.

Tester opinions
more piste than backcountry
solid for skiing on-piste and off-piste

The ski seems solid, there’s barely anything disturbing it, it’s a very smooth-running and rock-solid ski, very well adapted to the piste, full stance, noticeable quality.  However, it needs to be driven more actively.  For people attaching importance to precision and excellent edge grip.  For good and ambitious skiers, dynamic ski with good feedback, great board where everything is just right, outstanding impression, ski with great maneuverability, for playing on-piste or in the park

Lengths: 174, 184 cm
Waist: 132-98-124 mm
Radius: 19 m (174)

 Powder Big Fat

Reading the name of this ski by Rip’n Wud, one quickly realizes the purpose it has been build for and where it will be used: in the fat powder.

There it feels at home, there it plows through the snow, and there it prepares its driver to lots of fun.  And on the piste? What about its performance there? It’s versatile as well.

The Big Fat’s performance is impressive on hard subsoil as well. It can easily be turned. Thanks to its opulent dimensions, it is also great for carving.

Our conclusion: Although it’s flat, it shows great on-piste performance as well.  A great ski that in fact has its costs.

Tester opinions
nice off-piste ski for experts
top quality, dynamic, sustainable

This off-piste ski is a very rigid and full ski on the piste as well; it has a perfect stance and an awesome finish

Lengths: 183, 191 cm
Waist: 143–111–131 mm
Radius: 24 m (183)

 FR Carve

The name is program.  The FR Carve is a first-class on-piste ski.  It leaves nothing to wish for on the piste.  It drives extremely precisely, has perfect edge grip and puts a smile on the face of its driver even after a boringly ordinary drive on a red piste.  However, the surprising feature of the FR Carve is that it knows how to convince off-piste as well.  Its stability is great in the powder and it rocks off-piste as well.

Our conclusion: With the FR Carve, one doesn’t have to worry about which ski to strap on if it’s not yet clear what the day will bring.  You can rock the piste until the edges glow.  And if you still want to go off-piste, this won’t be any problem either.

Tester opinions
easy-to-turn and fun ski with great dynamics

A great all-rounder with noticeable race genes. This ski surely needs an active driver, but gives a lot of feedback in return. The surprise: it drives well on-piste, but its off-piste performance is great as well.  Very delicate in tracked snow and easy to drive and turn in the powder. Great ski for everything. Drives securely and has full stance.  Immediate sense of well-being.  Reliable, precise, harmonious, smooth, probably less suitable for beginners, since a little work is required.  However, everybody else will have fun, for each driver and each terrain.

Lenghts: 167, 177, 188 cm
Waist: 129–93–119 mm
Radius: 19 m (177)