Width of brakes; 91mm, 97mm, 102mm

The ATK CREST 10 are touring ski bindings developed by the Italian brand ATK. It is the ideal model for skiers looking to combine comfort, reliability and lightness in the same binding.




Choose this model which will never cease to surprise you. First of all, because of its lightness (280 grams per binding), but also because of its resistance thanks to a triple composition of aluminium, steel and polyoxymethylene. Thus, you will ski, season after season without fear of wearing out your equipment, which will resist jolts and shocks.

Numerous ATK processes complete this high quality model. For those who want speed and exceptional flex, the Elastic Responsive System ® ensures the flexing of the ski in torsion to absorb the maximum of the irregularities of the piste, especially on harder snow. The CREST 10 is also easy to adjust: three wedges to be adjusted with the pole, as well as an adjustment slide with a range of 20 mm so that you can easily change ski boots. In addition, the knife holders included, the ski stop system and the DIN adjustable from 5 to 10, to adapt to the majority of skiers.

The mountain will definitely have no more secrets for you! Trust a brand that has proven itself by choosing ATK.

Construction:- Composition: Aluminium, Steel and Polyoxymethylene: for maximum strength and stability.

– Elastic Responsive System ®: an elastic sliding system applied to the heel that provides perfect flex to the ski in torsion. Provides a perfect ski flex.

– Monolink® Technology 1.0: one of the two tip arms is fixed, which reduces the weight by about 2.5 grams per tip and improves stiffness. Less pressure on the locking system with improved performance and comfort. The tip is compatible with the SRA clamp attachment.

– CAM RELEASE SYSTEM®: ATK® patented historical system that guarantees the best descent performance on the market, an extremely precise release and the smoothest heel lift in the industry.

– Blade holders included
– 20 mm adjustment slide integrated in the heel to allow quick adjustment when changing shoes (+ or – 10 mm)
– Adjustable wedges: 0 / + 37 mm / 50 mm to be adjusted at the pole.
– Locking ski stop system, width 91 mm.
– DIN: 5 – 10, to fit most skiers.