22 Designs Outlaw X


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Spring under the foot, adjustable

Easy Step in Step Out System

Made of stainless steel, machined aluminum and high quality plastics, the OUTLAW X is built to last.

Weight 1540 g

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Ultra solid

One-piece sliced aluminium stirrup

Stainless steel and polycarbonate climbing wedges


New NTN model, 22 Designs further improves its Outlaw by changing the step in system. Lighter and more practical to put on.

With its underfoot spring, which you can adjust, it gives you a very fluid and pleasant flexion close to the feeling of a 75 standard with the precision of the NTN.

Equipped with a hike mode if you want to make a small climb and 6 drill holes for more solidity.


The 22 Designs or Twenty Two Designs, is a brand specialized in the design and manufacture of telemark bindings. Created in 2004 by two friends, mechanical engineers and ski enthusiasts, they build bindings that are still among the best on the market today: the Axl binding, the Vice, the Outlaw X or the Lynx, which is more focused on telemark touring. Based in the heart of the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming, the temple of freeride and backcountry skiing. 22 Designs has become the market leader in telemark ski bindings in just a few years, thanks in part to the legendary robustness of its bindings. The American brand is also involved in preserving the environment with products made locally, in the United States and with reliable and durable materials designed to last a lifetime. Whether you prefer the precision of telemark skiing, the thrill of powder snow or the freedom of telemark touring,

2 year warranty

ATTENTION: Boots Scott/Garmont the size 26.0 corresponds to the size L


How do we calculate your binding release value?
Setting the release value of your bindings is a major safety feature:
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