ATK Freeraider 16


Width of brakes: 97mm, 102mm, 108mm, 120mm

The ATK Freeraider 16 touring ski binding is the most extreme version of ATK’s Freetouring series for freeriders who want to push hard.


The binding has a 4mm rise in the tip, known as the Raider Toe Shim, designed to flatten the binding into an even freer setting and ensure a truly unique ski.
The binding is equipped with a heel stop and a double magnetic support that offers five walking modes (flat, +27.5 mm, +30 mm, +44 mm, +49 mm).
In addition to this extremely useful and functional system, if you want to make great runs on fresh snow, there are also many other technologies and patents present in most of the ATK range.
– Easy Entry System: renewed shape of the toe designed to facilitate the entry of the boot, even with a very worn sole.
– Snow Pack Proof System designed to prevent ice from forming under the toe.
– U.H.V. System (Up-hill Hardness Variator) to vary the hardness of the toe attachment during the ascent phase.
– Cam Release System to improve the descent phase, with a precise and safe release.
– Elastic Response System: is a sliding system applied to the heel that guarantees the natural flexibility of the ski, especially during descents with high compression and jumps.
– Magneto Heel Flaps System which allows you to choose between 5 heel heights. This is useful to prevent calf strain when climbing.
In addition, the FR16 also has a 25mm plate that allows the binding to be adapted to another pair of boots without having to reload the ski.
Please note: the sizes refer to the width of the ski brake.