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Model 2020/21

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The latest Telemark Touring binding from 22 Designs that combines comfort on the way up with precision and stability on the way down.


The Lynx of 22 Designs, comes back this winter with evolutions, on an existing and already very exciting Telemark touring binding.  The geometry of the front Pins and the hardness of the springs have been rethought to give more strength in the jaw (the first versions were a bit light).  The claw (NTN attachment) has also been redesigned, to avoid the claw to engage when hiking. The flat flex has been thickened for durability and increased activity. The pivot bar has been moved back a little to gain more power.

The Lynx combines a technical front stirrup with composite flex plates, (adjustable preload and adjustable binding activity). Its weight of 1.0 kg per pair makes it suitable for long hikes. Like all 22 Designs bindings, the Lynx is manufactured with machined aluminium parts and has a ski/walk mode that is easily activated by the ski poles. The Lynx has ultra-light springs (with plenty of travel for powerful and progressive Telemark turns).


The technical design of the 2-pin front stirrups provides an extremely efficient climb, allowing Freeheel skiers to climb as fast as skimo competitors without having to wear lycra. This design, also used by M Equipment, TTS and Moonlight, is now considered the new standard and future of Telemark binding technology.



An easy to change walk / ski mode

High durability

Compatible with NTN Boots

Easy Step in Step Out System

Weight Lg. 2000g // Sm. 1920g


2 year warranty



Built with machined aluminium parts

Tech-Toe Design


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Professional Rip’nWud Service
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